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Rieker at The Shoe Horn

The Shoe Horn have been one of Ireland’s leading stockists of Rieker for over 20 years. They have not only been favourites of the team here, but also for many of our customers. Their popularity doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down, with more and more customers looking for the latest styles from the brand.


Is it any wonder that they walked away with an award at this year’s Footwear Industry Awards 2017!


Brief History of Rieker

Rieker have are undoubtedly one of the master shoes makers. Originally established in Germany in 1874, they quickly became a name synonymous with crafting high quality shoes throughout Europe.

Their attention to detail and ability to create unparalleled quality and stylish shoes has long been a family tradition. The company has been operated by the same family for 5 generations.

At The Shoe Horn we pride ourselves on having a similar ethos, and have been doing so for 30 years - providing not only high quality women’s shoes but the best customer service possible.


What Makes Rieker So Popular?

Aside from designing beautiful and fashionable footwear, Rieker shoes are designed with your lifestyle in mind. Their goal is to provide you with shoes you can feel comfortable in all day, no matter what activity you you’re partaking in.

This unique strength lies with their Antistress technology and design.

  • Lightweight - Every shoe is designed and crafted with the highest quality, lightweight materials.
  • Reflexibility - Shoes are designed with your natural foot flexibility in mind. Innovative technology ensures that, walking or running, every step is natural and comfortable.
  • Shock Absorption - Absorption technology ensures no matter what activity you’re doing, shock to the body is minimized greatly. High impact running or walking on all kinds of surfaces won’t be a problem any more.
  • Roomier - As you move your foot changes shape. Twisting, flexing and impact require room for your foot to move comfortably. Rieker provide just that. Every shoe, boot and sandal provide the perfect amount of room for you to feel confident and comfortable whatever the occasion.




Rieker Styles -

Whatever your lifestyle, whether you’re a lady that likes to lunch, or a lover of the outdoors or simply want style and comfort all day everyday, The Shoe Horn have a Rieker style to suit you.

We have a everything from wedges and mules to sandals and boots. Browse the full Rieker Shoe Collection for yourself.

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